Trust an artist to want to create art. In Rebecca Morrice Williams' case, she wanted to make art with skin for a canvas. Yes, skin. Williams is obsessed with skin. As a matter of fact, she has dedicated the better part of the past 12 years developing a range of products that create glowing complexion. But how did a project started by a woman with a brush turn into a behemoth corporation with a base in Western Australia and business interests elsewhere? How did Rebecca give birth to China Cosmetic Packaging?

It all started with work. Williams was a makeup artist on the look-out for the perfect foundation. The search, however, turned out to be just as grueling and futile as the search for the Holy Grail. In a moment of inspiration, Williams decided to create her own product line. She teamed up with Steven Schapera to create Becca Cosmetics, a product line that produces the perfect foundation for all types of races, all types of faces.

They're not the greatest people. They're exactly right in the middle of the bell curve of human existence, and that is what drives you the craziest.That's right. That's right. And you know, it's interesting now, because, you know, it used to be that you were on a plane of people, and you would have actually, you know, interesting conversations. People tell you life stories.

People tell you things they did for a living, and it seems like the central topic now of passengers on a plane or in an airport is just trading complaints about the experience, these horror stories that are, you know, being passed back and forth like baseball cards.  PESCA: Do you think there's something about air travel, because I do, that is not just annoying, but for a man, emasculating in that it takes away your power? You have to give up your power to some unseen force.I can guess I can see that, to some sense.