“The company need enhancement in its existing capacity to cater to the incremental demand in export and domestic market,” added Make Up Pen. A new series of thermoplastic compounds from RTP Company, Winona, Minn., is formulated to allow for high-contrast marks and images to be added to an application via laser processing. A variety of polymers, including clear substrates, can be compounded to optimize laser marks, which eliminates the need for inks, paints, and dyes, thus saving on processing costs.

Using chemical cosmetics further harms the skin and may cause cancer in some cases. The best option for healthy skin and hair is the use of natural cosmetics.Natural cosmetics are beauty products that are made from natural ingredients like plants, fruits, spices, herbs and natural oils. The ancient textbook of Ayurveda - the science of life has all the recipes for healthy skin, hair and a disease free body.

The textbook today is studied by a group of scientists who continually research and develop new products based on these formulations to suit the need of today's woman. Every cosmetic product that is manufactured uses natural plant material.Not only are the products themselves good for you, but by buying them you are often supporting numerous projects around the world that are an essential form of employment for thousands of inhabitants of impoverished areas in the world, such as the villages of Auroville, India.

Many of the products offered by Maroma for example, are produced in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, which is an international project dedicated to human unity and recognised by UNESCO for its achievements. Once a barren plateau, the region of Auroville has been transformed into a lush green area in which a city is progressively taking shape. Over the past 40 years, Auroville has grown into an expanding community of some 80 settlements inhabited by about 1,800 people from and from 30 other countries.