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Much of what is known to outsiders about Kim Jong Un and his family comes from a 2003 memoir penned by a Japanese man who claims to have been Kim Jong Il's personal sushi chef.The book, I Was Kim Jong Il's Cook, by Kenji Fujimoto (a pseudonym), describes Kim Jong Un as having a take-charge personality "exactly like his father."Kim Jong Il's eldest son, Kim Jong Nam, was originally thought to have been favored to succeed him, but he fell from grace in 2001 when he was caught trying to enter Japan on a forged passport, reportedly on his way to Tokyo Disneyland.  

Fujimoto's book says Kim Jong Il felt that his second son, Kim Jong Chul, was effeminate and unsuited to lead, so he began the process of advancing his youngest son.   Korea watchers are particularly interested in the Workers' Party conference because they think it could demonstrate how Kim Jong Un is progressing in the process of potential succession.  

Gause says the conference could be an opportunity to put Kim Jong Un in key positions, such the secretary of organizational affairs, "probably the most powerful position in the party apparatus, other than the general secretary, because he vets the people for key party jobs."   It's Who You Know   Gause says that would give Kim Jong Un the power to fill important posts with his own allies.