To establish a unique and accurate cosmetic dental treatment plan that will meet your expectations, a significant amount of time maybe required for records gathering. Records gathering may involve, but is not limited to, radiograph x-rays, comprehensive intraoral examination and inspection and taking intraoral photographs. We can also show you before-and-after photos of patients who underwent different procedures. Lipstick Pencil Packaging establishes a good rapport with each patient throughout the entire treatment and procedures.

We aim to exceed your expectations on having a beautiful smile. In most cases, a combination of the above procedures will be implemented to achieve that terrific, award-winning smile. Cosmetic Dentist Toronto Canada provides you with honest information and concise explanation of what exactly will take place before, during and after the procedures. Call us today for an appointment.

While it does depend greatly on what treatment is received, the chances are the fortnight holiday is a break away that would never have been otherwise taken, leaving a certain question mark over the necessity of the venture at all.  Health Risks   The second issue to consider is the risks there may be to ones health. Clinics can look perfectly fine from the pictures on their website, but once a patient allows a dentist to begin a procedure, that patient places all of his or her trust in the dental surgeon.

If the facilities are not up to scratch, there may be a question over the sterility of the implements used, and in turn a higher risk of infection.  Stories of botched jobs are not uncommon, and the result for a patient can be serious infection, a considerable amount of pain and, in some cases, permanent damage that other cosmetic procedures may only be able to hide to a limited degree.   Answerability  Which brings us to the issue of answerability. If something should go wrong, the task of gaining compensation is very complex.