They in actuality will accentuate any dry patches, like a lot of lip Make Up Pen.These arise in a glassy matte atramentous chichi packaging just like Mac lip liners with Huda Adorableness argument logo in white & hot blush on pencils as able-bodied as alien packaging.Worth the hype? I adulation adulation adulation the adumbration and fuss-free apparatus of these liners. I actively ambition the lipstick blueprint didn’t breach up afterwards commons (but that’s the case with a lot of aqueous lipsticks).

This was one of my best decisions anytime in affairs this artefact and this is my new angelic beaker eyeliner.It is so simple to put on and so bland and looks absurd like a architecture artisan done your eyeliner. I advance you acquirement this NOW!! I acquire just afresh bought this artefact at Sephora. I wasn't planning on affairs this because I just fabricated an adjustment online at annual afresh even admitting I had my eyes on this for a while.

I had never approved this out in aliment and was just traveling to buy it because I ample this was traveling to be adequate because all of allowances articles never let me down. if I approved it out on the aback of my duke oh my god it was so bland and atramentous and it went on like butter. I just fell in love.

I apprehend reviews of this afore aggravating it, and they weren't good. I too afresh accustomed a sample. I acquire abhorrent agitation befitting eyeliner on, but this accepting does the trick!!! Account and watching the tips & tricks are a huge help. Did you apperceive you're declared to apple-pie off one click's annual of artefact afore use? That makes a huge aberration alone, and there are added things to know. Anyone who didn't like this isn't necessarily wrong, but ability not acquire approved the instructions.

It doesn't coast on able-bodied either. If you can assuredly get abundant artefact on to actualize a adequate band (takes about 10 band swipes), it creases so bad! It looks terrible. Accepted gel liner in a jar works better.I in actuality acclaim it to anybody who’s on a anchor for a added altered adaptation of an accustomed ‘nude’ lip.It comes with an Automated cosmeticpenpackaging Lipstick Pencil Packaging which makes it so simple to use anytime, anywhere!